Transforming Problems into Happiness - Praise



104 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711949

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ISBN 9780861717934

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“Anyone who needs to cope with life’s problems should read this inspiring book. Transforming Problems into Happiness has benefited me so much. I recommend it very highly indeed.”—Lillian Too, author of The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui

“This small volume contains a wealth of wisdom.”—The Beacon

“A masterfully brief statement of Buddhist teachings on the nature of humanity and human suffering... This book should be read as the words of a wise, loving parent whose sternness underlines the importance of what is being taught.”—Utne Reader

“In seven short chapters, the informal and personal style of commentary makes this volume a useful companion.”—Tricycle

“This book takes on the revolutionary Buddhist perspective: problems can be a path to the end of suffering, and we can learn to enjoy them as we would a good piece of music. This book offers specific guidance and practices to do just that. If you want a reminder of the illusory nature of happiness, this is a good book to read and reread. You don’t forget it.”—Inquiring Mind

Transforming Problems Into Happiness examines the use of suffering to achieve enlightenment and ‘unsurpassed happiness.’ Lama Zopa Rinpoche's wisdom flows from the pages of this book as he writes about the nature of humanity and human suffering and the happiness and peace of mind that await each and every one of us. He reveals that happiness and suffering are created by the mind, examines anger and desire, and offers heart advice, techniques to practice, and much more. Rinpoche engagingly presents great, deep truths in deceptively simple, warm, and smile-provoking prose. I read this book quickly, then returned to it, savoring, applying, and partaking of the nourishing wisdom. This is a book to return to often to discover new things—not because the book changes, but because you do. Rinpoche presents basic but profound Buddhist precepts in an unusually accessible way. Recommend this book to anyone open to turning the wheel of perspective. Masterful.”—New Age Retailer

“Commenting on the famous Nyingma Lojong text ‘Using Suffering and Happiness in the Path to Enlightenment,’ Lama Zopa states that preoccupation with one’s own problems is nothing more than a narrow-minded view. What we need is a larger perspective. Through contemplation on an altruistic attitude, we can take joy in the challenge of being truly kind in an unhappy world.”—Shambhala Sun