The Grace in Aging - Praise

Awaken as You Grow Older


240 pages, 6x9 inches


ISBN 9781614291268

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ISBN 9781614291503

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One of Spirituality & Practice’s Best Spiritual Books of 2014

“A bracing but gentle wake-up call for baby boomers, and indeed, anyone who wishes to understand and come to terms with the aging process and the universal impermanence of life itself.”—Booklist

“Using Singh’s advice, readers of all ages can gain an awareness of the joy inherent in everyday moments large and small. Her calming and illuminating prose aims to bring a sense of liberation to readers’ lives and open their minds to a world full of love, laughter and peace, so they can live with compassion and wisdom, surrounded by truth.”—Shelf Awareness

The Grace in Aging establishes guideposts in the fog for those seeking greater meaning and fulfillment as they edge toward life’s grand finale; Singh urges us to reclaim the process of aging. The impact is exhilaration.”—Spirituality and Health

“Opens many new doors to the adventure of spiritual practice and is a great pleasure to read!”—Spirituality & Practice

“In her wonderful book Kathleen Dowling Singh helps us to face and embrace the hard truth of the precarious nature of our life. With acceptance of this fact arises a deep appreciation of lifes preciousness. Then we dont want to waste a minute. We are inspired to enter our lives fully. Through her skillful guidance we come to see that aging can be a time of grace and great aliveness.”
—Frank Ostaseski, Founder, Metta Institute, Co-Founder, Zen Hospice Project

“I find Kathleen Dowling Singhs insight and wisdom compelling, readable, and life-changing (death-changing too!).  This book is indeed grace!  It is both preparation and deep liberation.”
—Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, author of Falling Upward, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

“The inevitability of aging need not be a dismal, morbid scenario, but a glorious opening a to a gentle wisdom and peacefulness that the tempests of youth manage to obscure.  Let Kathleen Dowling Singh be your guide in this extraordinary period of life, which can be a time of celebration instead of defeat.”
—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“In The Grace in Aging, Kathleen transposes into a new key all previous discussion of aging. Her book sings with both depth and grace, erudition and that insight born only of deeply sifted experience. All those who have woken up in the morning one day older than when they went to bed the night before, owe her a debt of gratitude for point us towards that eternal Now, that reveals both life and death as a single embrace of transforming Mystery.”
—Martin Laird, author of Into the Silent Land and A Sunlit Absence

“Old Age, the close and personal encounter with impermanence, is the ultimate challenge to the sovereignty of the ego. In Kathleen Singhs luminous words, the hidden nature of old age as a practice stands fully revealed with all the potential for fulfillment of a true spiritual path. The Grace in Aging an act of service. Don’t grow old without it.”
—Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom

The Grace in Aging, by Kathleen Dowling Singh, I happily open and close with regularity, having learned that little pearls of wisdom are sprinkled throughout this very satisfying book. (My husband has read it twice now.) Singh is a psychotherapist and Dharma practitioner, and in her infinite wisdom, she offers a peaceful and optimistic look at the reality we all face—if we are lucky—aging. What I especially appreciate is her open mindedness. No matter what your spiritual beliefs, The Grace in Aging, has something to offer.”—The Second Half