Manuscript Submission Guidelines – Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism

Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism is a peer-reviewed academic series for outstanding contributions to scholarship on Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, including monographs and collections of articles. Suitable submissions will apply historical-critical analysis to the study of Buddhist literature and address primarily a specialist audience, meaningfully advancing the scholarly understanding of its subject.  

Submissions should contain the following:

  • A description of your project (500 to 2000 words).
  • A curriculum vitae or narrative author biography, highlighting relevant qualifications.
  • A provisional table of contents with brief chapter descriptions.
  • At least one sample chapter, in finished form. (Submitting more than one chapter or a complete manuscript is also acceptable.) If you are submitting a PDF, please delete identifying names, to permit a blind review.
  • A brief bibliography noting previous major projects that focus on the work.
  • Any endorsements you may have from people of stature in your field.
  • Your complete contact information.

Your work will not be distributed except for the purpose of evaluation for the series. Please email your submission to SITB [at] wisdompubs [dot] org. Feel free to contact us as well if you have any concerns or questions.

If the submission is deemed suitable for consideration, the manuscript review process typically takes in the vicinity of six weeks, depending on the nature of your text and the availability of suitable reviewers.

Prospective translators do not need to implement the series style before submitting a manuscript; adoption of the series style will be necessary only when a translation has been accepted for publication. Those who are curious, however, are welcome to download Wisdom’s style guide for works on Indian and Tibetan Buddhism.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines




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