Digital Editions FAQ

About Wisdom Digital Editions

What ebook file formats are available from Wisdom?
Wisdom offers each title as a bundle of three file formats: Mobi, ePub and PDF.

What readers are Wisdom’s ebooks compatible with?
The file formats Wisdom provides are compatible with most popular consumer devices, including: Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader.

Can I read Wisdom digital editions on my computer?
Wisdom digital editions are compatible with many free reader apps available for desktop and laptop computers, such as Kindle Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Reader and Calibre.

How do I let Wisdom know about errors in digital editions?
If you find any errors in your ebook files, please email our Production department using the Contact form on our website.

Purchasing Digital Editions

Who can I contact for help with my order?
Online orders for Wisdom are managed by Publishers Storage & Shipping Corp. (PSSC). Please call the PSSC customer service line at (800)-272-4050, 9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday EST (GMT -5), or email them at [email protected].

Is it safe to buy from wisdompubs.org?
Yes. Our server supports secure transactions so you can use your credit card with confidence.

How are my files delivered?
After completing your online order, you will receive an email message from Publishers Storage & Shipping Corp. (PSSC) containing your Order Confirmation. For each title purchased you will see three links to download the three file types: Mobi, ePub and PDF.

Download and Installation

How do I download my ebook files to my computer?
Your Order Confirmation email from PSSC will contain links to your ebook files. Control-click or right-click each link with your mouse to save the files to your computer.

How do I put my files on my Kindle Reader or other readers?
After downloading your files to your computer, attach your Kindle Reader with the USB cable. Mobi files can then be dragged to the Kindle icon on your desktop. For detailed instructions, please refer to Amazon.com.

How do I put my ebook files on my iPad IPhone, or other tablet device?
Your Order Confirmation email from PSSC will contain links to your ebook files. Tap each link to open the file on your device. You should be given an option to open the file with the default application, or to choose an application. Alternatively after downloading your files to your computer, open iTunes and drag ePub files to the main window. You can now sync your ebook files with your iPhone. To read ebooks on the iPhone you must have a reader app such as the iBooks app installed.