Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works


A Classic Collection of Zen Koans
Thomas Yuho Kirchner
The Life and Letters of an Irish Zen Saint
Maura O’Halloran
A Buddhist Life in Prison
Calvin Malone
A Memoir of Love, Beauty, and Redemption in Dark Places
Lin Jensen
Exploring the Heart Sutra
Mu Soeng
A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea
Jaimal Yogis
The Calligraphy and Zen Insights of Shodo Harada
Shodo Harada Roshi
Living the Journey of Spiritual Practice
Les Kaye
Awakening from a Culture of Destruction
Kurt Spellmeyer
The Haunting Zen of Dainin Katagiri
Dosho Port
The Zen Teachings and Translations of Nyogen Senzaki
Nyogen Senzaki, Eido Shimano, Soen Nakagawa
Buddhist Poet Monks of China
Mike O’Connor, Red Pine, Andrew Schelling