Meditation & Mindful Living: Books

A Story About Eating Mindfully
Sara Marlowe, Philip Pascuzzo
The Dharma of Cooking: With 108 Deliciously Easy Vegetarian Recipes
Sandra Garson
A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits
Martine Batchelor
Psychotherapy and the Buddha Within
Robert Langan
A New Healing Paradigm
Claus C. Schnorrenberger
Buddhism, Daoism, and the Energetic Arts
Andy James
Transforming Your Anxiety About Impermanence and Death
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Kathleen McDonald
Gentle Yoga for Meditators and Everyone Else
Jean Erlbaum
A Guide for Therapists and Helping Professionals
Thomas Bien
A Buddhist Woman Confronts Cancer
Sandy Boucher
Jonathan S. Watts, Yoshiharu Tomatsu
Lessons from the Dying
Rodney Smith