Meditation & Mindful Living: Books

Ancient Skills for Modern Minds, Revised Edition
Joel Levey, Michelle Levey
Transforming Your Anxiety About Impermanence and Death
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Kathleen McDonald
A Journey to the Center
Matthew Flickstein
Gentle Yoga for Meditators and Everyone Else
Jean Erlbaum
108 Metaphors for Mindfulness
Arnie Kozak
Losing My Self and Finding Grace on a Zen Retreat
Jane Dobisz
A Radical Approach to Time, Space, and Movement
Charles Genoud
Living Shitou’s Classic Zen Poem
Ben Connelly
Chan Heart, Chan Mind
A Meditation on Serenity and Growth
Master Guojun, Kenneth Wapner
The Extraordinary Teachings of a Thai Buddhist Laywoman
Upasika Kee Nanayon, Thanissaro Bhikkhu