Meditation & Mindful Living: Books

A New Buddhist Path
Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World
David R. Loy
A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea
Jaimal Yogis
A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow
Toni Bernhard
Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?
Inspiring Stories for Welcoming Life’s Difficulties
Ajahn Brahm
Notes for a Buddhist Revolution
David R. Loy
Being Nobody, Going Nowhere
Meditations on the Buddhist Path
Ayya Khema
The Autobiography of Bhante G.
Bhante Gunaratana, Jeanne Malmgren
A Conversation with the Dalai Lama on Money, Politics, and Life as it Could Be
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Fabien Ouaki
Joseph Goldstein
Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness
Walking the Buddha’s Path
Bhante Gunaratana
108 Insights for Awakening Now
Arnie Kozak
A “Little Book of Wisdom.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe