The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo - Table of Contents

Hit the road with one of the most important Zen masters of the twentieth-century.



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Molly Delight Whitehead’s Preface
Shohaku Okumura’s Introduction
Kosho Uchiyama’s Introduction

The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo
1. No Need to be Chained
2. Having Finally Returned to a True Way of Life
3. What is Efficiency for?
4. Seeing with Fresh Eyes
5. The Greatness of Sawaki Roshi
6. Returning to the Self
7. Circumstances
8. Creating Sutras
9. What Is Happiness?
10. Making Human Beings into Commodities
11. Group Stupidity’s Relevance Today
12. Mob Psychology
13. The Fashion of the Day
14. Dazzled by the Multitude
15. Opinions Gone to Seed
16. Loyalty
17. Mistaking Technological Advancement for Human Transformation
18. Tunnel Vision
19. Gathering Food and Hatching Eggs
20. A Depressed Look
21. Calculating the Difference
22. Religion Is Life
23. Our Lives of Inertia
24. The Money Solution
25. Everyone Is Naked
26. Seeing the World from a Casket
27. Ghosts and the Power of Suggestion
28. In the Family
29. What Makes You Attractive?
30. One’s Own Life
31. The Viewpoint of the Ordinary Person
32. Zazen Rather Than Money
33. Feeling Like a King
34. My Opinion
35. Science and Human Beings
36. Loss
37. Halfway Zazen
38. Seeing According to Karmic Consciousness
39. Aborting the Self
40. What’s the Point of Working to Get Rich?
41. Pitiful Heavenly Beings
42. Only When We Practice
43. Zazen Is the Stability of One’s Whole Life
44. Being Overly Self-Conscious
45. A Holy Man
46. The Despair of the Ordinary Person
47. Zazen and Delusion
48. Spectator Zen
49. Zazen Is Good for Nothing
50. Changeable Mind
51. A Rose Is a Rose
52. Corruption and Rudeness
53. Fabrication
54. Grading Morality
55. Self-Centered Motivation
56. Seamless Practice
57. Dogen Zenji’s Appeal
58. The Value of Things
59. Habitual Views
60. Reality
61. The Self That Is Connected with the Universe
62. The Anxieties of Making a Living
63. The Blessings of the Universe
64. No Other
65. True Self Beyond Thinking
66. Enriching Our Lives
67. Live Your Own Life
68. A Burglar Breaks into an Empty House
69. Thief’s Action and Buddha’s Action
70. The “What Am I Going to Do?” Dance
71. Aiming in Emptiness
72. Sawaki Roshi’s Last Words

Kodo Sawaki Roshi’s Zazen
Kosho Uchiyama

Recollections of My Teacher, Kodo Sawaki Roshi
Kosho Uchiyama

The Life of Homeless Kodo
Shohaku Okumura

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