Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

Zen Meditation in Plain English - Table of Contents


Foreword by Peter Matthiessen

Using This Book        

Part One: Buddhas 


The Story of Shakyamuni Buddha 

The Lineage  

Buddhas in America

Part Two: Sitting

The Problem and Its Solution

The Nature of the Problem 

The Nature of the Solution 

The Practice  

Zen Meditation in Plain English

Starting to Sit

Laying the Foundations       

Some Rules of Thumb         

Sitting Supports       

Positioning the Body

Positioning the Legs 

Positioning the Rest of the Body    

Zazen Checklist         


Breathing in Zazen   

The Mind in Zazen   

Part Three: Community

What Is Community?           

Group Practice          

An Intensive Training Period in a Zen Monastery           


Realizing the Harmony           

Frequently Asked Questions           

Appendix I: Exercises to Help You Sit        
Appendix II: Web Resources          
Appendix III: Further Reading       

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