Zen and the Kingdom of Heaven - Praise

Reflections on the Tradition of Meditation in Christianity and Zen Buddhism


168 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711871

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“Down-to-earth and enjoyable!”—The Beacon

“An excellent publication that presents the personal and direct interface of Buddhism and Christianity. Part One, ‘Zen Experience,’ has all the dynamics and inspiration of genuine experience and is penetrating. It alone is well worth the price of the book. Part Two, ‘Christian Meditation in the Light of Zen,’ traces the story of Christian meditation and its line of teachers right up to the present. The quotations given are outstanding. Part Three goes into practical details about Christians doing Zen, giving concrete suggestions for practice. We simply need more books like this one.”—Bulletin of Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

“Recommended for anyone interested or drawn to a Zen practice as a Christian.”—Monos

“An important challenge for the Catholic Church is to open itself to the special gifts offered through the other major world religions. Zen and the Kingdom of Heaven explores the great gift of special forms of prayer and meditation that are being offered us through the tradition of Zen Buddhism. The author shows how Zen Buddhism is revitalizing rich traditions of prayer and meditation practiced in early Christianity.”—John McNeill, author of Both Feet Planted Firmly in Midair

Zen and the Kingdom of Heaven reveals how Zen Buddhism can revitalize the rich traditions of prayer and meditation practiced in early Christianity. Chetwynd shows us the great gifts that Zen Buddhism can offer today’s Christians.”—Father John McNeill, author of Taking a Chance on God

“Engaging, illuminating, and thought-provoking.”—Reverend Priscilla Inkpen, Naropa University

“To some, combining an Eastern spiritual practice with Western Biblical teachings might seem absurd. Chetwynd, a Catholic who has studied Zen Buddhism for 25 years and now teaches Zen meditation, does exactly that in this book, blending the often strict meditative disciplines of Zen with the possible meditative practices of Jesus Christ. It is an insightful foray into both Christian and Buddhist systems, useful for the faithful of both beliefs. The bulk of the book focuses on zazen, or meditation, and attaining the Kingdom of Heaven. Chetwynd’s primary purpose is to unite Christian belief with aspects of Buddhist discipline, making for a very thoughtful and provocative read. Includes an excellent recommended reading list.”—Today’s Librarian

“In this accessible story of his introduction to Zen practice... Chetwynd demonstrates how he has integrated his Christian faith with the teachings of Zen. One of the outcomes of this practice was his realization that meditation is an essential part of the Christian tradition.”—Spirituality & Health

“A devout Catholic, Tom Chetwynd never imagined himself as a teacher of Zen meditation. But a visit from a Japanese Zen master opened the way for him, and he’s been meditating ever since. In this spare, humorous memoir, Chetwynd brilliantly recounts the experiences that led him into Zen.”—Katherine Koberg, Spirituality Editor, Amazon.com