Wholesome Fear - Table of Contents

Transforming Your Anxiety About Impermanence and Death


160 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716302

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Introduction by Kathleen McDonald         

Wholesome Fear

Section I: Impermanence and Death

The Truth of Impermanence          
The Advantages of Remembering Death  
Death and Dharma  
The Disadvantages of Not Remembering Death  
Meditating on Impermanence        

Section II: Meditation on Death

The Truth of Impermanence          
The Nine-Point Meditation on Death         
The Truth that Death Is Definite   
The Truth that the Time of Death Is Uncertain   
The Truth of the Efficacy of the Dharma  
Ripples on a Lake     
The Death of the Buddha   
Remembering the Deaths of Those You’ve Known         
A Story of Realizing Impermanence           
The Time to Practice Is Now           
The Five Powers       

Section III: The Process of Dying

Dissolution of the Elements and Aggregates; Visions at the Time of Death      
Ordinary Deaths and the Deaths of Great Yogis  
What Great Yogis Experience at the Time of Death         
The Intermediate-State Body         

Section IV: Meditation and Dedications

Die with Bodhichitta
Tonglen—The Practice of Taking and Giving       
Giving Your Body Away       
Dedicating Merit      

More Meditations (Kathleen McDonald)

Meditation on Impermanence        
Meditation on the Inevitability of Death   
Meditation on the Uncertainty of the Time of Death       
Meditation on What Helps at the Time of Death  
OM AH HUM Purification Meditation         
Meditation on the Four Opponent Powers           
Tonglen Using One’s Own Problem           
Tonglen for Another Person’s Problem     
Medicine Buddha Meditation         

Appendixes: How to Begin Meditating Right Now

Advice for Beginners           
Meditation on the Breath
Appreciating Our Human Life
Common Problems in Meditation

Recommended Reading      
About the Authors