Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung? - Table of Contents

Inspiring Stories for Welcoming Life’s Difficulties


288 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861712786

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Perfection And Guilt          

Two Bad Bricks         
The Temple Garden 
What’s Done is Finished      
The Idiot’s Guide to Peace of Mind
Guilt and Absolution
Criminal Guilt           
The Class B Kids       
The Child in the Supermarket        
We Are All Crims      
Letting Go of Guilt, Forever 

Love and Commitment      

Unconditional Love  
Opening the Door of Your Heart    
The Chicken and the Duck  
True Love      

Fear and Pain

Freedom from Fear  
Predicting the Future          
What Is Fear?           
Fear of Public Speaking       
Fear of Pain  
Letting Go of Pain
TM, or How to Transcend-Dental Medication       
No Worries    

Anger and Forgiveness

The Trial       
The Retreat   
The Anger-Eating Demon   
Right! That’s It! I’m Leaving!           
How to Stop an Insurgency
Cooling Off with Forgiveness          
Positive Forgiveness            

Creating Happiness

Flattery Gets You Everywhere        
How to Be a VIP
The Two-Finger Smile         
Priceless Teachings  
This Too Will Pass    
The Heroic Sacrifice
A Truckload Of Dung           
It’s Too Much To Hope For  
Being a Dustbin        
Maybe It Is Fair!           

Critical Problems and Their Compassionate Solutions

The Law Of Karma   
Drinking Tea When There’s No Way Out  
Going With the Flow            
Caught Between a Tiger and a Snake        
Give It Everything You’ve Got         
Is There a Problem?            
Making Decisions     
Blaming Others        
The Emperor’s Three Questions    
The Cow that Cried  
The Little Girl and Her Friend        
The Snake, the Mayor, and the Monk        
The Bad Snake         

Wisdom and Inner Silence

The Wings of Compassion   
Caring For a Son       
What Is Wisdom?     
Eating Wisely            
Solving the Problem            
Unwise Listening      
What Wisdom Is Not            
The Danger of an Open Mouth      
The Talkative Tortoise         
Free Speech  

The Mind And Reality

The Exorcist  
The Biggest Thing in the World     
Searching for the Mind       
The Science of Silence        
Blind Faith    

Values and the Spiritual Life

The Most Beautiful Sound  
What’s in a Name?   
Pyramid Power        
Precious Stones        
Then I’ll Be Happy   
The Mexican Fisherman      
When All My Wishes Were Fulfilled          

Freedom And Humility

Two Kinds of Freedom        
Which Type of Freedom Would You Like?            
The Free World        
A Dinner with Amnesty International       
The Dress Code of a Monk  
Laughing At Yourself           
The Dog That Had the Last Laugh
Abuse and Enlightenment  
When I Became Enlightened          
The Road Hog           
Hare Krishna            
The Hammer            
Enjoying a Joke at No One’s Expense        
The Idiot       

Suffering And Letting Go

Thinking About Washing    
A Moving Experience           
Poor Me, Lucky Them          
Advice for When You Are Sick        
What’s Wrong With Being Sick?     
Visiting the Sick        
The Lighter Side of Death   
Grief, Loss, and Celebrating A Life  
Falling Leaves           
The Ups and Downs of Death         
The Man With Four Wives  
Cracking Up  
The Worm and His Lovely Pile of Dung     

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