Like a Waking Dream - Table of Contents

The Autobiography of Geshe Lhundub Sopa


368 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713134

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Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Editor’s Preface        
Introduction: A Brief History of Tibet        

1.         Life in Tsang 

2.         Early Memories        

3.         The History of Ganden Chönkhor  

4.         The Beginning of My Life as a Monk          

5.         My Relative the Ritual Specialist    

6.         Living the Religious Life at Ganden Chönkhor

7.         A Young Monk’s First Two Teachers          

8.         Daily Assemblies and Classes         

9.         Running Away from the Monastery           

10.       Completing One’s Basic Education 

11.       My Uncle and His Position in the Monastery

12.       Sustenance in the Monastery         

13.       The Structure and Schedule of Education at Ganden Chönkhor           

14.       The System of Philosophical Education     

15.       The Status of Scholar Monks          

16.       The Education of Scholar Monks    

17.       My Teacher Gen Mönlam    

18.       Taking the Kālacakra Empowerment the First Time       

19.       Deciding to Go to Sera         

20.       Getting My Parents’ Permission     

21.       The Journey to Sera

22.       History of Sera Monastery  

23.       Entry into Tsangpa Regional House and Sera Jé  

24.       Tri Rinpoché 96

25.       Geshé Losang Chönden       

26.       Geshé Ngawang Riksal         

27.       Geshé Ngawang Gendün     

28.       Gen Lhündrup Thapkhé and the Pure Monastic Life      

29.       The Monastic Way of Life    

30.       The Disciplinarian’s Lecture           

31.       The Curriculum of Education at Sera Jé    

32.       Studying and Teaching at Sera Jé  

33.       The Structure of Debates at Sera   

34.       The Jang Winter Session     

35.       The Honor of Being Named Rikchung       

36.       The Higher Honor of Being Named Rikchen         

37.       The Different Grades of the Geshé Degree           

38.       The Conferring of the Geshé Degree         

39.       Gyümé and Gyütö Tantric Colleges

40.       The Reting Affair and Other Troubles       

41.       Being Named Tutor

42.       Finding Time for Practice    

43.       Phabongkha Rinpoché and His Legacy      

44.       Teachings from Other Great Lamas           

45.       Vajrayoginī Retreat at Phabongkha Labrang        

46.       What I Gained and Lost in Becoming a Tutor       

47.       The Dalai Lama Takes Power and the First Exile

48.       Gen Lhündrup Thapkhé Is Appointed Abbot of Sera Jé  

49.       A Gradual Transformation

50.       The Tenth Panchen Lama   

51.       Debating the Dalai Lama     

52.       The Tibetan Uprising of 1959        

53.       Deciding to Leave Sera        

54.       The Beginning of the Exile  

55.       A Brief Respite and the Long Journey out of Tibet          

56.       Arriving in India       

57.       Beginning Life as a Refugee            

58.       From Assam to Dalhousie    

59.       Learning to Live in Exile      

60.       Trying to Keep Tibetan Culture Alive        

61.       An Attempted Trip to Bhutan

62.       A Letter from His Holiness  

63.       The Situation for Those Who Did Not Escape Tibet         

64.       Going to America      

65.       Our New Life in New Jersey            

66.       Beginning to Teach in America       

67.       Starting a Dharma Center   

68.       His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s First Visit to Madison        

69.       The First Kālacakra Empowerment in America    

70.       My Return to Tibet  

71.       Meeting the Panchen Lama and the Passing of Gen Thapkhé Rinpoché          

72.       The Recent Past       

73.       The Future    

Table of Tibetan Spellings  
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