Vajrayoginī - Table of Contents

Her Visualization, Rituals, and Forms


608 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713295

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List of Illustrations
     Color Plates
     Line Drawings


Chapter 1: Vajrayoginī and the Buddhist Tantras       
     The Buddhist Tantric Systems       
     The Guhyasamayasādhanamālā and Its Authors  
     Sādhana Collections 
     Tantric Sādhana       

Chapter 2: The Cult of Vajrayoginī in India      
     The Influence of Nondual Śaivism 
     Transgressive Discipline (vāmācārā)        
     The Emergence of Vajrayoginī       
     The Emergence of Vajravārāhī       
     Dancing-Pose (ardhaparyaṅka) Vajravārāhī         
     Twelve-Armed Vajravārāhı in Dancing Pose        
     Six-Armed Vajravārāhī with Consort         
     Six-Armed Vajraḍākinī Vajravārāhı in Warrior Stance    
     Red Vajraghoṇā Vajravārāhī           
     White Vajraghoṇā Vajravārāhī       
     White Vajravārāhī    
     Two-Armed Vajrayoginī in Warrior Stance           
     Four-Armed Vajrayoginī in Warrior Stance          
     Red Vajravārāhī with Foot Raised  
     White Vajrayoginī with Foot Raised           
     Vajrayoginī in the Falling-Turtle Pose       
     Vidyādharī Vajrayoginī        
     Flying Vidyādharī Vajrayoginī        
     Vajravilāsinī Vajravārāhī     
     Trikāyavajrayoginī (Chinnamastā)

Chapter 3: Study of the Vajravārāhī Sādhana   
     Outline of the Sādhana       
     Meditation Stage 1    
          Bodhisattva Preparations   
          Brahmavihāra Meditations 
          Development of Wisdom     
          Creating the Circle of Protection    
          The Cremation Grounds      
          The Cosmos and Temple Palace     
          Self-Generation through the Awakenings
          Self-Visualization As Vajravārāhī    
          Pledge and Knowledge Beings       
          Inner Yogic Practices           
          The Mantra   
          Dwelling As Vajravārāhī      
     Meditation Stage 2    
          Fivefold Maṇḍala     
     Meditation Stage 3    
          Thirteenfold Maṇḍala         
          Terms for Aspects of the Maṇḍala 
     Meditation Stage 4    
          Thirty-seven-fold Maṇḍala 
          Circles of Mind, Speech, and Body
          The Maṇḍala As Wisdom    
          The Maṇḍala As Doctrine    
          The Maṇḍala As Cosmos     
          The Sacred Sites (pīṭhas)    
          The Ten Places (deśas)        
          Body Maṇḍala          
          Mantras for the Complete Deity Maṇḍala 
     Ritual Practices         
          Tantric Ritual
          The Bali Ritual          
          Tasting Nectar (amṛtāsvādanam)  
          Bali Offering with Mantras 
          Rite of Completion   
          External Worship     
          Worship on the Hand (hastapūjā)  
          Alternative External Worship         
          Internal Oblation     
          Concluding Verses   
     Vajravārāhī Sādhana by Umāpatideva       
          Meditation Stage 1   
          Meditation Stage 2
          Meditation Stage 3   
          Meditation Stage 4   
          Ritual Practices         
          Cremation Grounds 
     Conventions, Abbreviations, and Symbols
          Conventions in the Translation      
          Abbreviations and Symbols in the Sanskrit Text 
          Abbreviations and Symbols in the Apparatus      
          Other Editors
          Silent Editorial Standardizations    
     Manuscript Sources 
          The Manuscripts of the Guhyasamayasādhanamālā (GSS)           
          Textual Transmission          
          Editorial Policy         

Textual Notes           
Insignificant Variants          
Appendix: Summary of Sādhanas in the Guhyasamayasādhanamālā
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