Unlearning the Basics

A New Way of Understanding Yourself and the World
Foreword by
Mu Soeng


168 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715725

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861719334

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“A rare and precious achievement.”—Kurt Spellmeyer

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 12:35 -- wisdom

In fresh and inviting language and making frequent use of strikingly clear diagrams and illustrations, Unlearning the Basics challenges many of our common-sense understandings about ourselves and the world. The author lays out a new way of seeing that enables us to live more serenely, more compassionately, and more free from the slings and arrows of our busy lives.

Along the way, Rishi Sativihari looks at love and grasping, at “the great unfixables,” and at how vulnerability and pain feed the “evolution of character”-all in the service of helping us return to our true home and find new ways to flourish. Grounded in the Buddhist tradition yet completely free from the formulas of traditional, tired presentations, Unlearning the Basics has an informal, straightforward style that will immediately captivate the reader.