Unbinding - Praise

The Grace Beyond Self

An invitation to everyday mystics: unbind yourself from the causes of suffering and step into grace.



289 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614294450

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ISBN 9781614294610

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<p>&ldquo;Beautifully written, <em>Unbinding</em> inspires the reader to let go, to let be.&rdquo;&mdash;<strong>Sharon Salzberg,&nbsp;</strong>author of&nbsp;<em>Real Love</em></p>

<p><strong>&ldquo;<em>Unbinding</em>&nbsp;is a rare accomplishment.&nbsp;</strong>In this book, Kathleen Dowling Singh has explored one of the most profound aspects of the Buddha&rsquo;s teachings&mdash;The Law of Dependent Origination. She brings to life the patterns of conditioning that limit us when not understood and free us as we more fully realize how they operate in our lives.&nbsp;With clarity and grace, she invites the reader into its world of transforming wisdom.&nbsp;<em>Unbinding</em>&nbsp;is a great contribution to our deepening Dharma understanding.&rdquo; &mdash;<strong>Joseph Goldstein</strong>,&nbsp;author of&nbsp;<em>Mindfulness</em></p>

<p>&ldquo;With poise and grace, Singh shows us not only how we are bound and how to become unbound, but she also points us to that in the human spirit which has never been bound, never been wounded, has always been an un-selfed shining freedom&mdash;the radiant ground that is our diamond life.&rdquo;&mdash;Martin Laird, author of <em>Into the Silent Land</em></p>

<p>&ldquo;I always feel at home in Kathleen Dowling Singh&rsquo;s books because she writes with such gentle clarity. This book is no exception. Here, she &ldquo;unbinds&rdquo; some of the Buddha&rsquo;s more complex teachings, such as dependent arising, making them accessible to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. With exquisite prose, she explains how the delusion that our &lsquo;self&rsquo;&nbsp;is the whole of reality leads to needless suffering. She offers a doorway out&mdash;a practical path to freedom and unbounded love. I recommend Unbinding most highly.&rdquo; &mdash;Toni Bernhard, author of <em>How to Be Sick</em></p>

<p>&ldquo;<em>Unbinding</em> tells the simple and most profound story of the journey to freedom, from being bound by the ego to living in grace, unbound. Kathleen Singh shows us the many ways we imprison ourselves, through habits, attachments, cravings, while she gives us the teachings that can free us, open us to awe and gratitude. Here is ancient mystical wisdom told in the language of today, showing how every moment we are limitless, present in truth. Listen to this heart song that calls us home.&rdquo; &mdash;Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD, Sufi teacher and author of <em>Spiritual Ecology</em></p>

<p>&ldquo;&lsquo;Everything is a gift, but nothing&rsquo;s free,&rsquo;&nbsp;wrote Huston Smith, the historian of religions.&nbsp;In <em>Unbinding</em>,&nbsp;Kathleen Dowling Singh elaborates on similar truths that deal with our efforts to understand our true nature. Do not think this book is a labyrinthine exercise shrouded in mysticism.&nbsp;It is utterly practical, because our future on this planet likely depends on our right understanding of ego, self, and essence.&rdquo; &mdash;Larry Dossey, MD, author of&nbsp;<em>One Mind</em></p>