Transcending Time - Praise

An Explanation of the Kālacakra Six-Session Guru Yoga


336 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711529

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ISBN 9780861717927

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“To the best of my knowledge, no such detailed account of these secret practices has previously appeared in English, and it was only with the permission of H.H. the Dalai Lama that we ventured to present them here.”—from the Introduction by B. Alan Wallace

“[A]ccessible and enlightening to all interested practitioners.”—Tricycle 

“With remarkable clarity, Gen Lamrimpa makes the... practice accessible to all practitioners... B. Alan Wallace has done a superb job of translating the text into English. Highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

“If you seriously intend to practice Kalachakra in the Gelug tradition, the Kalachakra six-session guru yoga is an obvious daily practice to choose. This book represents the first publication of a detailed commentary on any Kalachakra practice; if you intend to do the Kalachakra six-session guru yoga, this is a fabulous guide by a well-qualified master. Also for non-Gelugpas this book represents a wealth of information on the practice of Kalachakra in general. B. Alan Wallace is well-known as a very good translator, thus making this book a 'must-have' for Kalachakra practitioners.”—Rudy Harderwijk, International Kalachakra Network