Tibetan Calligraphy - Praise

How to Write the Alphabet and More


104 pages, 7 x 10 inches


ISBN 9780861716999

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614290285

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“Tibetan Calligraphy is a beautiful book. Beautiful in the sense that it brings into the reach of any student the foundations of calligraphy – the art of creating inspiring text created with supreme care. Just like it is wonderful to hear a resonant and controlled voice chanting prayers, seeing the syllables and words carefully written gives joy...As a writer, I can think of nothing more perfect than a practice that see every words as a possible vehicle for compassion and as requiring care, patience and deliberate effort. We so often take the creation of words for granted, leading to careless and harmful speech. It is wonderful to see a book dedicated to showing how every syllable can be beneficial.”—Mandala

“Throughout this lovely book, magnificent images of Tibetan calligraphy serve both to illustrate some of the author’s points and to inspire students with shining examples.”—The Asian Reporter

“A great artist in his own right, Sanje Elliott has studied and taught the art of Tibetan thangka painting for many years, mastering the traditional, highly refined styles of Tibet. Now in this book of traditional calligraphy, we can learn the necessary foundation of Tibetan writing, perhaps in order to explore later our own creative relationship with the language. I am grateful for this needed addition to the field and will use it immediately in teaching Tibetan.”—Sarah Harding, Naropa University