Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up - Table of Contents

A Practical Approach for Modern Life


224 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861710751

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ISBN 9780861717903

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1 Dharma and the Rituals of Happiness
2 Life’s Oldest Illusion
3 Death: No Exit
4 A Spirit of Emergence
5 The Roots of Discontent
6 The Fruits of Our Labors
7 Gateway to Freedom
8 The Foundation of Spiritual Practice
9 Stabilizing the Mind
10 Loving Kindness
11 Four Applications of Mindfulness
12 Individual and Universal Vehicles of Buddhism
13 Cultivating a Spirit of Awakening
14 Transforming Misfortune into the Spiritual Path
15 Emptiness and Fulfillment
16 The Diamond Vehicle of Tantra