Thunderous Silence - Praise

A Formula for Ending Suffering: A Practical Guide to the Heart Sutra


272 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614290537

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ISBN 9781614290643

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“Simple and powerful—Rev. Yoo's commentary opens the gateway to a deeper understanding of Buddhadharma and enriching both our practice and daily lives. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”-His Holiness, Venerable Chwasan, former Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism

“An accessible commentary on a seminal concept in Mahayana Buddhism. Rev. Dosung Yoo’s practical guide uses concrete examples drawn from everyday life to deepen the reader's understanding and practice.”—Robert E. Buswell, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, UCLA

“Wonderful and welcome. Dosung Yoo brings a keenly-felt contemplative understanding of the core text and strong, clear voice. He is as well-grounded in classical Mahayana teachings as in the folk narratives of Korean Buddhism. A valuable contribution.”—Mu Soeng, author of The Diamond Sutra and The Heart of the Universe