The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception - Praise

A Commentary on the Three Visions, Second Edition


624 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713684

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“[FOUR STARS.] This mammoth work, unquestionably destined to become a classic, elaborates on the Lamdré system of meditation in the Sakya tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. The teachings contained in this splendid volume were given by the learned Deshung Rinpoche in the period of 1977–1980. Thanks to Jared Rhoton's quiet labors as a translator and scholar, we have the present fine rendering of one of the magnificent works of the Sakya tradition. Anyone approaching the study of this work from a practical point of view will definitely find a treasure-trove of wisdom, enough to serve most people for a whole lifetime. Deshung Rinpoche’s explanations are impressively lucid and liberally interspersed with precious practical advice.”—Georg Feuerstein, Traditional Yoga Studies Interactive

“Quite engaging and practical... combining a rich knowledge of spiritual teaching, supplemented by much insight...”—The Beacon

“Eminently readable...”—CHOICE

“Demonstrates the accessible and common sense nature of the fundamental teachings of Buddhist practice.”—The Reader’s Review

“A superb gift... amazingly clear while preserving the integrity of the original text...”—San Francisco Chronicle