Tantric Buddhism in East Asia - Table of Contents



320 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861714872

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Technical Notes
Introduction (Richard K. Payne)

History: China, Korea, and Japan

1. Tantrism in China (Chou Yi-Liang)
2. Esoteric Buddhism in Korea (Henrik H. Sørensen)
3. On Esoteric Practices in Korean Sŏn Buddhism during the Chosŏn Period (Henrik H. Sørensen)
4. Kūkai’s “Principle of Attaining Buddhahood with the Present Body” (Hisao Inagaki)

Deities and Practices

5. The Five Mysteries of Vajrasattva: A Buddhist Tantric View of the Passions and Enlightenment (Ian Astley)
6. An Annotated Translation of the Pañcābhisaṃbodhi Practice of the Tattvasaṃgraha (Dale Todaro)
7. The Twelve-Armed Deity Daishō Kongō and His Scriptural Sources (Pol Vanden Broucke)

Influences on Japanese Religion

8. Breath of Life: The Esoteric Nembutsu (James H. Sanford)
9. Shugendō, the Traditions of En no Gyōja, and Mikkyō Influence (H. Byron Earhart)
10. The Cave and the Womb World (Helen Hardacre)