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ISBN 9780861715503

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“Taneesha learns what it means to be brave in the face of adversity and to honor the potential Buddha in everyone. Like Taneesha herself this book is fun, sassy and profound.” —Mandala

“Taneesha’s voice—brave and scared, funny, defiant, and bold - is one many kids will recognize. Taneesha Never Disparaging gives us that voice, in a fast-paced portrait of a girl grounded in her Buddhist practice and loving family, coping with the daily struggles of growing up.” —Kathe Koja author of Buddha Boy

“Tanneesha’s voice is fresh, funny, and true as a lotus blossom in a muddy pond. Readers will become familiar with Nichiren Buddhism—and the word ‘disparaging’—as Taneesha navigates her way through fifth grade as a Buddhist, daughter, and good friend to all. Taneesha Never Disparaging is a warm and welcome read amidst a sea of cynicism.”—Kelly Easton author of Hiroshima Dreams

“Ms. Perry is a gifted writer and through a diversity-engaging storyline, Taneesha embarks on a journey of self-discovery and learns some of life’s most important lessons—self-confidence, the value of friendship and the importance of embracing differences.”—Rosalind Strickland , Senior Director, Office of Civic Education Initiatives Cleveland Clinic

A caring book about a caring character with a story kids will nod along with—this one is a winner!”—Young Adult and Kids Book Central

Taneesha Never Disparaging breaks new ground in introducing the colorful, textured and complex landscape of diversity that is truly America.”—Charlise Lyles, author of Do I Dare Disturb the Universe: From Projects to Prep School

Taneesha Never Disparaging is a joy to read. LaVora Perry addresses the issues many kids face today -- overworked parents, bullying, and social awkwardnees—with a fresh and positive perspective. Don’t miss this beautifully and skillfully written novel.”—David Richardson, book review columnist for the International Reading Association’s Reading Today

Taneesha Never Disparaging addresses cultural diversity, tolerance, and bullying… [It’s] invaluable as a discussion starter… Mrs. Perry captures the true essence of an eleven-year-old… I will definitely use this novel as a ‘Book of the Month’ in my classroom. I can hardly wait for the next installment in the series.”—Magnolia Walker, Reading Teacher (4th and 5th Grades), Crawford County Elementary School, Roberta, GA

“For its pointed, relevant treatment of complicated social issues and universal human struggles, Perry’s novel is to be commended and recommended to today’s smart, savvy young readers who are increasingly aware of the strengths and weaknesses of a diverse society and of human character.” —Bookpleasures.com

Taneesha Never Disparaging is an enjoyable story that communicates the struggles and joys of a pre-teen who is coming to terms with her family’s Buddhist beliefs and practices. She finds respect and friendship from unexpected sources when she applies these beliefs, turns to loved ones for support, and sticks up for what she believes is right. This book will appeal to any reader seeking a story with a strong protagonist whose honesty and stubbornness can invoke trouble as well as a satisfying resolution.”—Yana V. Rodgers, Rutgers University Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

“M. LaVora Perry’s book, Taneesha Never Disparaging, is a delightful read that teaches children to accept self, to embrace difference, and to develop compassion for others. Taneesha, the young protagonist, possesses a strong voice that resonates with readers and struggles with issues such as self-confidence and bullying that many young readers experience as well. Perry has written a skillful, well-paced children’s book that should be on all home, school, and library bookshelves.”—Wendy Rountree, Assistant Professor of English at North Carolina Central University and author of Lost Soul and Just Us Girls: The Contemporary African American Young Adult Novel