The Stories of the Lotus Sutra - Table of Contents



384 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716463

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Foreword by Rafe Martin    

1. The Enchanting World of the Lotus Sutra
2.  Stories of the Lotus Sutra           
3.  The Dharma Flower Assembly  
4.  Sun and Moon Light Buddha     
5.  A Burning House and Three Vehicles   
6.  Shariputra           
7.  The Rich Father and the Poor Son        
8. One Great Cloud and Many Kinds of Plants     
9.  Doing the Common Good           
10.  A Fantastic Castle-City  
11.  Great Treasure Is Very Near   
12.  Ananda and Rahula      
13. Dharma Teachers          
14.  The Great Stupa of Abundant Treasures Buddha    
15. Devadatta and Violence            
16.  The Dragon Princess    
17.  Two Nuns          
18.  The Jewel in the Topknot        
19.  Bodhisattvas of the Earth        
20.  The Good Physician      
21.  Never Disrespectful Bodhisattva        
22. Divine Powers of a Buddha      
23. Entrusting the Dharma to Us   
24.  Seen with Joy by All the Living            
25.  Wonderful Voice Bodhisattva  
26. Kwan-yin            
27.  The Family of King Wonderfully Adorned
28.  Universal Sage Bodhisattva     

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