Shantideva - Praise

How to Wake Up a Hero

Rediscover and share the teachings of Shantideva, written especially for children and families.



64 pages, 10x9 inches


ISBN 9781614290582

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614290704

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“Clear, direct writing makes Shantideva's teachings accessible and meaningful, making this a strong jumping-off point for readers eager to explore Buddhist teachings in greater depth.”—Publishers Weekly

“In the simple, compassionate language akin to other Buddhist works, this insightful book offers spiritual teachings, practical advice, and an entertaining story, all at once. The monk Shantideva, depicted in various situations in majestic illustrations, speaks to his friends about avoiding selfishness and applying benevolence to difficult situations. Concrete examples root abstract concepts in everyday life to provide wisdom for children and adults alike.”—Foreword Reviews

“This collection of jewel like Tibetan wisdom tales is beautifully presented for reading to children. So many beautiful stories and teachings about cultivating kindness, patience, and wisdom are delicately framed and presented. It is a true treasure teaching the cultivation of supreme kindness, wisdom and compassion, attributes of the greatest kind of superhero, the bodhisattvas. Traditional Tibetan style color illustrations set the mood perfectly for these timeless treasures of wisdom teaching.”—Midwest Book Review
“Generosity, patience, empathy, curiosity, and the search for wisdom are the marks of any true superhero, as Townsend demonstrates with these delightful tales constructed to elucidate the richness of Buddhism to children without sacrificing meaning, pleasure, or inspiration. Any age is the right age to begin the journey of becoming a bodhi-sattva, an “awake being,” or as Townsend puts it, a superhero, making ourselves a better protector of our fellow humans, the land and environment, and the planet’s creatures. With beautifully rendered images by Tenzin Norbu, Shantideva is a must for any child’s library.”—Joe Pan, author of Autobiomythography & Gallery

“This beautifully illustrated adaptation of a Buddhist story will delight parents and children as they discuss the many feelings children experience. The focus is on finding compassion but importantly it recognizes a range of feelings children experience, from anger to excitement and happiness. The book is a lovely vehicle for parents and children to talk about feelings and getting along with others.”—Tovah P. Klein, PhD, Director, Barnard College Center for Toddler Development

“I love this story. It speaks to my heart, reminds me of my purpose and inspires me to keep up the practice. I would have enjoyed reading this story when I was young. I feel it is grounding and helpful for any child or adult who may need support while surfing the high and low tides. Shantideva teaches us that these ever-changing waves in our world are opportunitites to be super wise, super kind and super awake. I took deep breaths throughout the story as it grounded me. The illustrations are simple, ethereal and beautiful. I look forward to buying it and sharing it with others.”—Gina Bates Brown, author of Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day

“Ms. Townsend's confidently cheerful voice will inspire young mind's, both East and West, while parents will find her book opens up many important conversations. Tenzin Norbu's out-and-out amazing paintings will delight and inspire even very young readers. Norbu's image of Shantideva holding the bridge, while aspiring to be that bridge, is bold, brilliant and beautiful.”—Kerry Lee MacLean, author of Moody Cow Meditates