Seven Steps to Train Your Mind

Learn the ropes of a cultivating a resilient and warm heart, even in the face of great difficulty, from one of the most beloved of the last generation of lamas trained in pre-invasion Tibet.



176 pages, 5x8 inches


ISBN 9781614292265

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“Gomo Tulku’s commentary provides many details on how to put mind-training techniques into practice to help achieve peace of mind, and instructs readers on how to look inward for the causes and cures of daily hardship and adversity.”—Tricycle

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 10:37 -- Kestrel Slocombe

The aphorisms of the Seven-Point Mind Training present a powerful and counter-intuitive call to Buddhist practice—view reality as dreamlike, contemplate the kindness of your enemies, give up expectations of reward, change yourself but remain as you are! When he fled Tibet, Gomo Tulku carried in his heart this widely studied Tibetan text, which he turned to time and again when faced with difficulties in life. Having relied on this practice to transform his own hardships, he shares here an inspired commentary to help us get through ours. Mirroring the simplicity of the original, Seven Steps to Train Your Mind succinctly provides a practical description of how to train the mind and develop the mental qualities of peace, joy, and wisdom that will carry one through any circumstance.


This book was previous published as Becoming a Child of the Buddhas.

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