Selfless Love - Table of Contents

Beyond the Boundaries of Self and Other


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ISBN 9781614290759

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Introduction: You Are Love

The Basics of Meditation
Why Meditate?
How to Meditate

Experiencing Selflessness
No Self, No Center
You Are Not Your Thoughts or Feelings
There Is No Witness or Observer
Not the Same, Not Different
Human Affection
Just as I Am

Opening to God
Who Loves
Who Loves Who(m)
Beyond Images
Unknowable and Ineffable
Secular Meditation versus Spiritual Meditation
Loving Presence

Opening to Love
Inclusive Love
Unbounded Love
Unconditional Love
Wise Love
Embodied Love
Loving Life

Compassionate Action
What Selfless Love Isn’t
Being Love
There Is No Other
Selfless Service
Nurturing the Best in Us
Loving the Environment
Coming Together
Being God’s Love in the World

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