Scripture, Logic, Language - Table of Contents

Essays on Dharmakīrti and His Tibetan Successors


336 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711567

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Series Editor’s Preface by E. Gene Smith
Acknowledgments and Notes on the Bibliographic Sources       

Scripturally Based Argumentation
1. Dharmakīrti, Āryadeva and Dharmapāla on Scriptural Authority     
2. How Much of a Proof is Scripturally Based Inference?
3. Pre-Dharmakīrti Commentators on the Definition of a Thesis           

4. On Parārthānumāna, Theses and Syllogisms     
5. On Sapakṣa           
6. Formal and Semantic Aspects of Tibetan Buddhist Debate Logic      
7. Dharmakīrti and Tibetans on Adṛśyānupalabdhihetu   
8. What is the Svadharmin in Buddhist logic?      
9. Is Buddhist Logic Non-classical or Deviant?      

Philosophy of Language
10. On the So-called Difficult Point of the Apoha Theory
11. What Can One Reasonably Say about Nonexistence?
Co-authored by Donald S. Lopez, Jr.