A Saint in Seattle - Praise

The Life of the Tibetan Mystic Dezhung Rinpoche


800 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713967

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“[Dezhung Rinpoche was] one of the great scholar-yogis of our time.”—His Holiness Sakya Trizin

“If I were to write my own Meetings with Remarkable Men, the late venerable Dezhung Rinpoche would surely figure high on the list of those to be included therein. A man of profound and wide-ranging learning, great dignity and the highest ethical standards, he nevertheless carried these weighty attributes humbly, leavened with great personal warmth, humor and compassion. For historians of Tibet, Dezhung Rinpoche was a living archive, who demonstrated to all by his example that the rich tree of the religious life must be watered by love. David Jackson’s A Saint in Seattle gives us now a meticulously researched biography of this celebrated teacher, who in his life bridged old Tibet and the modern West. It is a gift for which I am deeply grateful.”—Matthew Kapstein, Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies, The Divinity School of the University of Chicago

“David Jackson is perhaps the finest and most creative Tibetologist living today, and this biography, over a decade in the making, is a splendid cultural history. A Saint in Seattle will remain as a model of how the lives of modern saints should be approached.”—E. Gene Smith, founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

“In this impressive biography, David Jackson has created a detailed historical record of the life, culture, and spirituality of an extraordinary teacher. Mr. Jackson brings a living quality to the remarkable number of a stories and details, through a dialogue and vignettes about the various teachers and circumstances in Dezhung Rinpoche’s life. Filled with fascinating stories [...] I found it opened a fascinating window into Tibetan ritual, politics, and interpersonal protocols. It’s also a window into the workings of the man. He was an example of a wakeful, gentle person dealing with changing and extremely challenging circumstances. A Saint in Seattle is a fine addition to the library of anyone who wants to understand the modern history of Tibet and of Buddhism in the West.”—Buddhadharma