Resurrecting Candrakīrti - Table of Contents

Disputes in the Tibetan Creation of Prāsaṅgika


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     The Twelfth-Century Candrakīrti  
     School, Movement, Doxographical Category         

1. The Indian Discovery of Candrakīrti     
     Reviving Candrakīrti’s Critique of ultimate Valid Cognition       
     Candrakīrti and Tantra       
     Resurrecting Candrakīrti, Creating Prāsaṅgika    

2. The Birth of Prāsaṅgika  
     Territory and Translations in Tibet’s Later Diffusion      
     Ngok and Patsab: Textual Ownership and Competing Communities    
     Texts in Conflict and the Scholastic Solution        
     Conclusion: Prāsaṅgika and Svātantrika Schools 

3. Taxonomies of Ignorance, Debates on Validity 
     Mistaken Mind, Deceptive Mind     
     Jayānanda’s Two Truths     
     Levels of Validity      
     Conclusion: Competing Schools of Philosophy, Unified Religious Vision

4. What Can Be Said About the Ineffable?
     The Prāsaṅgika Ultimate     
     Chapa’s Ultimate      
     Almost the Ultimate 
     Conclusion: The Importance of the Ultimate        

5. Prāsaṅgika vs. Svātantrika on Non-Abiding Nirvāṇa   
     “Knowing” the Ultimate: Transformation in the Absence of Mind        
     Making a Blind Buddha See            
     Svātantrika Solutions to Buddha Vision    
     Conclusion: Madhyamaka Nirvāṇa            

Conclusion: The Prāsaṅgika Victory           
Materials: The Arguments against Prasaṅgas and for Svatantra Inference in Chapa Chokyi Sengé’s Compilation of the Three Mādhyamikas from the East
Refuting a Real Entity          
     1. Debunking that Consequences negate the Object of Negation          
     2. The Way of Refuting Proliferations Through Inference          


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