The Promise of Amida Buddha - Praise

Honen’s Path to Bliss


504 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716968

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ISBN 9780861716937

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“This work is of inestimable value in understanding Honen's seminal teaching in his own words. Atone and Hayashi’s translation is readable and clear. This book gives the spectrum of Honen’s thought, making evident the Pure Land tradition’s popular appeal. It will be of great benefit to scholars, students, and religious practitioners as well.”—Alfred Bloom, professor emeritus, University of Hawaii

“Spreading to Japan from China, the Pure Land tradition is a form of Buddhism that can easily be understood and used by lay people. Atone and Hayashi's English translation gives readers a chance to learn about the very first Pure Land teachings taught in Japan and still practiced there today. A key aspect of this Pure Land practice is nembutsu, a chant-like intonation of the name of Amida Buddha. Honen offers extensive testimony to the value of nembutsu in everyday life, and Dr. Atone places the practice in historical and doctrinal perspective. I am pleased to recommend this truly remarkable book.”—Glenn T. Webb, professor emeritus, Pepperdine University