Practicing Wisdom - Table of Contents

The Perfection of Shantideva’s Bodhisattva Way


Editor’s Preface        

1. Introduction         

2. The Buddhist Context     

3. The Two Truths   
Verses 1–4ab

4. Critiquing the Buddhist Realists
Verses 4cd–15ab

5. The Mind-Only Viewpoint          
Verses 15cd–39

6. The Authenticity of the Mahayana        
Verses 40–43

7. Emptiness According to the Middle Way School          
Verses 44–59

8. The Nature and Existence of Self           
Verses 60–77

9. The Nature of Phenomena         
Verses 78–105

10. Countering Objections  
Verses 106–15

11. Key Arguments Refuting Intrinsic Existence  
Verses 116–67

12. Generating the Awakening Mind         

Bibliography of Texts Cited