Pointing Out the Great Way - Praise

The Stages of Meditation in the Mahamudra Tradition


608 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713042

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ISBN 9780861719631

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“Pointing Out the Great Way weaves together insights from a variety of Buddhist root texts, practice manuals, and commentaries, into a step-by-step ‘gradual path’ description of the methods of Mahamudra practice, descriptions of the various stages of practice and associated experiences, as well as common obstacles and their antidotes. The text is dense but surprisingly readable and contains a helpful introduction, elaborate footnotes, and an extensive glossary and index.”—Mandala

“I rejoice and congratulate [Dan Brown] for this grand achievement, and I rejoice and congratulate the readers, who will find by working through and living with this monumental book, a real pointing out of the gentle, 'great embrace' that this beautiful reality holds them in right now, whatever else they think might be going on.”—Robert A.F. Thurman

“A clinical psychotherapist and meditation instructor, Daniel Brown has spent more than thirty years studying and translating the vast Tibetan literature on the Mahamudra system of meditation. In Pointing Out the Great Way, he expertly guides the reader through each stage of the path in plain English, referencing the classic sources on Mahamudra sparingly and in a manner that supports his presentation without confusing it. The resulting manual is a valuable synthesis of more than a thousand years of meditation instructions filtered through the author’s understanding of Tibetan and Western ways of describing the mind.”—Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly