Ornament of Stainless Light - Table of Contents

An Exposition of the Kālacakra Tantra


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ISBN 9780861714520

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General Editor’s Preface     
Translator’s Introduction    
Technical Note          

Ornament of Stainless Light: An Exposition of the Outer, Inner, and Other Kālacakra


1. Compilation of the Root and Condensed Tantra          

2. The Primordial Mind and Body  

Part 1. The External World

3. The Three Themes of Kālacakra Tantra           

4. The Formation of the External World and Its Dimensions     

5. The Inhabitants of This World   

6. The Stars and the Planets

7. Resolving Contradictions between Kālacakra and Abhidharma Cosmology

Part 2. The Inner World of Sentient Beings

8. The Development of the Body    

9. Channels, Winds, and Drops       

10. Discrepancies between Kālacakra and Other Tantras          

Part 3. Initiations

11. Qualifications of Master and Disciple  

12. Description of the Mandala      

13. The Initiations    

14. The Seven Childhood Initiations          

15. The Four Higher Initiations      

16. The Higher-than-High Initiations        

Part 4. Sādhana: Methods of Accomplishment

17. The Two Stages  

18. The Generation Stage    

19. The Two Accumulations

20. The Body Vajra  

21. Analysis of the Colors of the Lunar-Day Deities         

22. Resolving Doubts Concerning the Process of Generation     

23. The Speech Vajra           

24. The Mind Vajra  

25. The Gnosis Vajra

Part 5. Gnosis: The Completion Stage

26. The Six-Branched Yoga 

27. Withdrawal: Night Yoga

28. Withdrawal: Day Yoga  

29. The Yoga of Meditative Absorption     

30. Prāṇāyāma: The Yoga of the Winds    

31. Vajra Recitation  

32. Vase Yoga           

33. The Yoga of Retention   

34. The Yoga of Recollection           

35. The Yoga of Meditative Concentration            

36. The Fruits of the Two Stages    


1. Table of Tibetan Transliteration

2. Enumerations Mentioned in the Text   

3. Time Measurement         

4. Linear Measurement       

5. Kālacakra Word-Numerals         

6. Approximation and Accomplishment in the Six-Branched Yoga 

7. The Six Elements and the Inner World

8. Kālacakra-Related Chronology   

9. Diagram: The Kālacakra World Realm  

10. Diagram: The Sun’s Path over the Earth and Water Mandalas 

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