Only a Great Rain - Praise

A Guide to Chinese Buddhist Meditation


160 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711482

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“Accessible, clear, compelling, and very helpful...[like] a friend guiding a blind companion along an unknown mountain path.”—Prof. David Chappell

“Readers of this book will be immensely benefitted.” —Ven. Henepola Gunaratana

“Timely and very welcome. Anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of Chinese Buddhist practice, or looking for a new approach to help refresh their own practice, this book will be invaluable.”—The Middle Way

 “Provides valuable insight into the distinct practices and traditions of Chinese Buddhism, still little known in the West.”—Library Journal

“Master Hsing Yun is one of the most prominent Buddhist teachers in modern China, and he brings considerable scholarship and experiential knowledge to this slim volume...He is thus comfortable advocating many different types of meditation as potential roads to enlightenment, explaining the practices of koan meditation, the eight samadhis, contemplation of the Buddha’s body, and others. There is useful stuff in this book for all who are interested in cultivating their meditation practice.”—Tricycle

“This is an interesting book, well worth studying... [it] contains something of practical advice for all Buddhists, whatever tradition they practice.”—Buddhism Now

“There are two particular points of interest about this book: one is the non-sectarian approach to the teachings which are drawn from throughout the Chinese Buddhist tradition; the other is the emphasis Master Hsing Yun places on moral training and its connection with meditation and wisdom.”—Shambhala Sun