NOW! - Praise

The Art of Being Truly Present


208 pages, 5.5 x 6.5 inches

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ISBN 9780861714803

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ISBN 9780861717330

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“In this timely paperback, the author elucidates the bounties of mindfulness and meditation. On each left-hand page, you will find a brief commentary on a subject that is a natural part of daily living; these are intended to be used pondering, journaling, or discussion in small groups. On the opposite page, you will find invocations [that function as] verses for reflection. These are designed to bring the practice of mindfulness to every moment of existence so that nothing is slighted or overlooked. The book is organized into segments on presence of spirit, of heart, of mind, of conduct, in relationship, and in the world. These reflections and invocations can bring us to a fresh appreciation of being present.”—Spirituality & Health

“A spiritual companion we can all use to find ideas for enriching our daily lives and recognizing happiness. Thank you Jean Smith for these reminders on how to be here NOW.”—Barbara Ann Kipfer

“Eighty-four aspirational passages for applying dharma directly to what ails you, as well as nurturing positive qualities.”—Tricycle

“A collection of 84 inspirational sayings to enrich our daily lives and help us find happiness. Every saying in this book is a good tool for meditation.”—Eastern Horizon