The New Social Face of Buddhism - Praise

A Call to Action


304 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713653

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“Jones’s original Social Face of Buddhism, published in 1989, came just in time to encourage many of us who were searching for the point were Buddhism and social action meet. The book was a beacon and we turned to it eagerly. Jones has now thoroughly re-written this work, as The New Social Face of Buddhism. We are lucky to have this new tool in our hands. The writing here is more fluid, and thus this volume is easier reading for an audience of Buddhists and fellow- travelers. We must do the socially engaged work that Jones writes about.”—Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism

“Jones makes a compelling and humane case that the well-being of the individual and the well-being of society simply can not be separated. All the topics for putting your compassion into action are here.”—Branches of Light

“An excellent, necessary book. It reads as a complement to David Loy’s The Great Awakening, where a shared Buddhist social theory is converted into a call to action. Jones skillfully links meditation and spiritual awakening—opening the third eye—to opening the ‘fourth eye’ of social awareness.”—Inquiring Mind

“A must-read.”—Today's Books

"Ken Jones has given us an inspiring, challenging handbook for Buddhist social activism. In such practice lies hope for the world.”—Sam Hamill, founder, Poets Against the War, and author of Dumb Luck

“This inspiring book points the way to a revolution in contemporary spirituality.”—Joan Halifax, Abbess, Upaya Zen Center, and co-founder of the Zen Peacemaker Order

“One of the first truly important books to rise out of the liberal Buddhist movement.”—James Ishmael Ford, founding teacher of Boundless Way Zen and author of If You're Lucky, Your Heart Will Break

“In this substantially revised update of his Social Face of Buddhism, Jones argues that Buddhism has powerful, practical implications for profound social change. This is a meticulous, philosophical foundation for compassionate social action and a clear, attentive, thorough explication of the social-action implications of Buddhist thought.”—Publishers Weekly

Praise for Ken Jones’ previous work, The Social Face of Buddhism:

“Astute, well-informed, and balanced.”—Gary Snyder

“A wellspring of inspiration and an enduring contribution to global sanity.”—Joanna Macy

“A thorough analysis of the history and philosophy of engaged Buddhism.”—Thich Nhat Hanh

“The social face of Buddhism is the decent face of humanity.”—Robert Aitken