Mud and Water - Table of Contents

The Collected Teachings of Zen Master Bassui


192 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713202

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Preface to the New Edition

Part I

Outside the Scriptures and Not through Words  
Rinzai’s Enlightenment
Ejō of Nangaku’s Enlightenment    
A True Teacher Must Have His Dharma Eye Opened      
The Six Perfections Are Seeing One’s Buddha-Nature    
The Six Supernatural Powers Are Seeing One’s Nature  
The Five Practices of the Lotus Sutra        
Transcribing Sutras
The True Meaning of Burnt Offerings       
The True Meaning of Fasting         
Keeping the Precepts          
The Bodhisattva Jizō
Karmic Affinity for the Way
Distinguishing between a Teacher of False Views and a True Teacher
The Sacred Bones of the Buddha   
The Sole Practice of Zazen
Dhārānī Is the Originally Enlightened True Nature

Part II

Amida Buddha and the Pure Land
Awakening Depends Only on Your Aspiration
On the Value of Knowledge
Know Your Inherent Nature before Studying the Scriptures    
Even Formal Practices Point to the Truth 
The Meaning of Carving Buddha Images  
On Letting Go of Belief in Phenomena       
The True Meaning of the Four Gifts          
On Reciting Sacred Prayers
On Praising the Buddha’s Words   
To Truly Read the Sutras First Open the Mind That Reads        
Discourses Are Words Pointing to the Mind         
There Is No Buddha or Dharma outside of the One Mind          
The Power of Kannon         
The Wordless Sermon         
The Meaning of Transmission        
On Monks, Precepts, and Fiery Hells          
If You Meditate on Emptiness, You Will Exhaust Delusion         
Meditating on Emptiness    
Record of My Reflections     
The Eight Sects and One Mind       

Part III

On Distinguishing Right Views from Mistaken Ones        
On Right Paths and Mistaken Paths          
Misguided Students of the Way     
What Is the Treasure House of the True Dharma Eye?
How to View the Sayings of the Ancestors
If You Want Enlightenment…
The Meaning of Looking at the Self with Hatred  
On Expedient Means           
That Which Hears the Dharma      
What about You?     
Which Means Is Better?
Living Words and Dead Words      
Mud and Water Mixed Together   
When It Is Cold, All Heaven and Earth Are Cold
Evil Thoughts Are Born of Delusion
Heretical Views of Nonexistence, Constancy, and Naturalism     
The Title        

Part IV

Question Your Mind
To a Man from Kumasaka   
To the Abbess of Jinryōji Temple   
To Gessō Seikō, Lord of Aki, from Nakamura         
To a Dying Man
To Layman Ippō Honma Shōgen    
To a Zen Student
To the Venerable Gekokaku
To the Zen Priest Soku Hōjū           
To the Venerable Tsubaki Anshu regarding Practice in a Hermitage    
To the Temple Kanin: Shun of Tetsuyo     
To the Scribe Kozan Hōgi
A Response to an Urgent Request from the Head of Shōbō Hermitage