Mud and Water - Preface

The Collected Teachings of Zen Master Bassui


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It has been over ten years since the publication of the translation of Bassui’s Enzanwadeigassui-shū. When Josh Bartok from Wisdom Publications asked me if I had any books no longer in print, I immediately thought of a new and expanded addition of the teachings of Bassui. The record of Bassui’s teaching was my first published translation of Japanese classical Zen texts and still my most cherished. The Enzanwadeigassui-shū published under the English title of Mud and Water is the most comprehensive text of Bassui’s talks. Still, there is more to this unique Zen figure. With the addition of some of his letters to monks, nuns, and laypersons and his talk on questioning your mind, we get a more complete picture of Bassui’s teachings. The extensive research on Bassui by the late Professor Kiyoshi Hoshi has helped me greatly in revising this translation. Finally I would like to thank Diana and Richard St. Ruth, publishers of Buddhism Now for their generous support of my work in general and for letting me use the Bassui letters I’d previously published in Buddhism Now.


Arthur Braverman Ojai, California 1/21/02


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