More Daily Wisdom - Preface

365 Buddhist Inspirations


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As the Buddha’s teachings take deep root and begin to come to fruition in America, we have an unprecedented opportunity. For the first time in history, the many streams of Buddhism flow side by side, in some cases intermingling, and in all cases enriching each other.

We good-hearted seekers responding to the truth of suffering in ourselves and the world are in a position to benefit from centuries—in some cases millennia—of the refined traditions of Buddhist wisdom from all over the world. We are boundlessly lucky to have so many teachers beckoning us further on the path to freedom and great joy. We can hear the ancient Chinese masters of Chan and their modern descendents in the Japanese-derived lineages of Zen; we can be touched by the teachers and treasured ones—lamas and rinpoches—of the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition; we can learn from the renunciants of the School of the Elders, the Theravada tradition; and we can walk together with modern-day monastics and with laypeople striving to manifest the Buddha’s teachings with their lives. What’s more, we have the opportunity to taste the uniquely Western flavors of teaching, as traditional Buddhism stretches its own boundaries in the dialogue with psychology and psychotherapy, social activism and yoga, Judaism and Christianity.

It is my hope that the diverse teachings in More Daily Wisdom will serve as a series of inspirations, invitations to take this dialogue deeply into our own hearts and minds. And it is my intent that the page-a-day format allows you the spaciousness to mine the true treasure of all of these wise words. I hope you find value in this collection. And may we realize the Way together.

Josh Bartok
Somerville, Mass.


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