Mirror of Beryl - Table of Contents

A Historical Introduction to Tibetan Medicine


696 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861714674

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General Editor’s Preface
Translator’s Introduction    
Technical Note          

Mirror of Beryl
A Well-Explained History of the Glorious Science of Medicine, A Feast to Delight the Rishis


1. Homage and Verses of Auspiciousness  

2. Medical Science    

3. Origins of the Science of Healing in the Celestial Realms        

Part 1. The Science of Healing in India      

4. Early Indian Medical Traditions 

5. Kumāra Jivaka      

6. Nāgārjuna, Pitṛceṭa, and Candranandana         

Part 2. Earlier Development of Medical Science in Tibet            

7. Earliest Developments    

8. From Vairocana to Shangtön Siji Bar     

9. The Treasure Tradition and Drapa Ngönshé   

10. The Earlier and Later Yuthok Yönten Gönpo 

11. The Word of the Buddha          

12. The Meaning of “Treatise”       

13. Yuthok’s Legacy

14. The Drangti Lineage and a Summary

Part 3. Later Development of Medical Science in Tibet   

15. The Jang Tradition        

16. The Sur Tradition          

17. The Gongmen Tradition            

18. The Great Fifth Dalai Lama and Desi Sangyé Gyatso

Part 4. The Study of Medicine and the Three Sets of Vows        

19. The Reason to Practice Medicine         

20. Devotion to a Master     

21. The Pratimokṣa Vows    

22. The Bodhisattva Vows   

23. Vidyādhara Tantric Vows         

24. Changes in Vow Status and the Preceptor Question

25. Benefits   

26. Qualities of a Master of Medicine        

27. Examining Disciples and Studying with the Master  

28. Chakri Medical College and the Author’s Own Practice of Medicine           


29. Dedication          

30. Previous Histories of Medicine

31. Colophon            

Materia Medica        
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