Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond - Table of Contents

A Meditator’s Handbook


304 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861712755

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Introduction: The Big Picture
     Meditation and its goal. How to use this book

Part 1: The Happiness of Meditation
1. The Basic Method of Meditation I
     A solid foundation using the first four stages of meditation
2. The Basic Method of Meditation II
     Three advanced stages of meditation, in which the breath becomes beautiful
3. The Hindrances to Meditation I
     The first two of the five hindrances standing between us and deeper states of meditation—sensory desire and ill will
4. The Hindrances to Meditation II
     The remaining three hindrances—sloth and torpor, restlessness and remorse, and doubt
5. The Quality of Mindfulness
     Mindfulness, the gatekeeper, and how we can succeed in meditation.
6. Using Variety to Freshen Up Our Meditation
     Meditations that entertain the mind, relieve boredom, and create joy
7. The Beautiful Breath
     Gaining deep states of meditation—the jhanas—and the insights of enlightenment
8. The Four Focuses of Mindfulness
     Using the focuses of mindfulness to arrive at the jewel in the heart of the lotus

Part 2: To Bliss and Beyond
9. The Jhanas I: Bliss
     The “beautiful breath” that begins the journey
10. The Jhanas II: Bliss upon Bliss
     Nimittas, the doorway to the jhanas
11. The Jhanas III: Bliss upon Bliss upon Bliss
     How to enter a jhana, and what it is like inside
12. The Nature of Deep Insight
     What keeps us from seeing things as they truly are. How a mind empowered by deep meditation discovers truth
13. The Deep Insight That Liberates
     Deep insights that change everything and lead us to the experience of enlightenment
14. Enlightenment: Entering the Stream
     What nibbana (enlightenment) is, and the first experience of nibbana—stream winning
15. Onward to Full Enlightenment
     The four stages of enlightenment, and how to tell if someone is enlightened

Conclusion: Letting Go to the End
     The importance of letting go, the attachments or hurdles we may encounter, and how to develop peace and happiness in our busy lives