Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness - Table of Contents

A Guide for Anyone Who Teaches Anything


224 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715671

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Foreword by Stephen Viola

Chapter 1: Teach as You Learn      

            Take 5: Mindful Breathing (for Teachers)

Chapter 2: Mindfulness in the Morning    

Noticing Thoughts (for Teachers)  

Noticing Feelings (for Teachers)    

Chapter 3: On to School      

            Take 1: Mindful Breathing (for Students)

Chapter 4: How You See It  

            Mindful Seeing (for Students)       

Chapter 5: Kindness and Connections

Kindness Reflections (for Teachers)         

Kindness Reflections for Loved Ones (for Teachers) 

Chapter 6: Beads on a String          

Drawing the Mind (for Students)  

Mindful Eating (for Students)

Noticing Thoughts (for Students)  

Noticing Gaps (for Students)          

Chapter 7: Body Awareness           

Walking with Awareness (for Students)   

Mindful Walking (for Students)     

Mindful Walking—Attending to the Body (for Students)           

Mindful Walking—Developing Awareness with Distraction (for Students)     

Chapter 8: Mindful Words  

Mindful Journaling with Take 1 (for Students)   

Journals and Mindful Seeing (for Students)        

Kindness Reflections (for Students)          

Mindful Speech (for Students)      

Chapter 9: Full Circle           

Analytical Meditation on Satisfaction (for Teachers)

Short Reflection on the Day (for Teachers)          


Appendix 1: Summary Encapsulation       
Appendix 2: Formal Instructions and References to Informal Activities           
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