Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness - Praise

A Guide for Anyone Who Teaches Anything


224 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715671

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“A gift for educators, helpful in any classroom, for any teacher and with every student.”—Goldie Hawn, children’s advocate and founder of the Hawn Foundation

“Reflection can become the new basic ‘R’ of education, promoting social and emotional learning while cultivating resilience and resourcefulness in students of all ages. In this wonderful book, the authors have provided a user-friendly guide to developing a teacher's own way of reflecting on the nature of the mind and on becoming open to present experience—of being ‘mindful’—that can help develop reflection as a way of living and of teaching. Consider this book an invitation to try on a research-proven focus of attention that nurtures emotional balance, promotes bodily health, supports empathic relationships, and even strengthens the brain. What more could we ask for ourselves as teachers and for our students who deserve to be taught in a way the prepares them for life from the inside out?”—Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. author, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation and The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being

“This timely volume brings the teaching of mindfulness from the sphere of spiritual traditions into the purview of general education. Devoid of jargon and deeply enriching to students and teachers alike, this contemplative approach promotes new skills that lead to gaining focus, balance, and enjoyment.”—Dalia Judovitz, Ph.D., Contemplative Practice Fellow and NEH Professor at Emory University

“With the kind of relentless good sense that inspires us to stretch ourselves, Schoeberlein skillfully and gently helps teachers—and others—transform habitual interactions into creative and empowering acts, using the tools of awareness and inner equilibrium. Breathe deeply and savor.”—The Aspen Sojourner

“A terrific contribution to understanding why mindfulness belongs in the classroom and a gentle guide on how to weave it into activities.”—Gianni Faedda, M.D., author of Parenting a Bipolar Child

“A wise and sensible guide, a generous gift to teachers and students alike.”—Ara Guzelimian, provost and dean of The Juilliard School

“A treasure-trove of practical strategies, and an exceptionally important contribution to the field!”—Richard C. Brown, chair of the Contemplative Education Department, Naropa University

“Many teachers often sense there is a mysterious element to their teaching, something that impacted their effectiveness even more than the material they were offering. This book reveals that element, and offers many specific ways to cultivate, harness, and incorporate it. A must-read for those interested in the potential of education.”—Soren Gordhamer, author of Wisdom 2.0

“This book offers concrete strategies for being less stressed and more emotionally balanced, and present in the classroom. Practicing these techniques will improve any teacher’s ability to deal with the myriad of situations that challenge teachers every day. It is a gift to the education profession and to teachers, learners, schools, and our communities.”—Suzanne Vitullo, ESL teacher

“A rich resource for teachers, school counselors, and faculty involved in preparing the next generation of educators. I can’t wait to share this book with my colleagues and students.”—Susan Theberge, Ed.D., professor of education at Keene State College

“A must-read for all educators.”—Dr. Thomas Farrell, former school superintendent, Kennebunk, Maine

“Offers hands-on tools, exercises, and insights tempered by the voice of experience that help to build relationships with students and engage them in learning, and that will renew teachers’ own energy, passion, and commitment.”—Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, vice president of the Search Institute

“The lessons this book has to offer are simple and easy to relate to yet important enough to affect the way you choose to live your life.”—Kristina Weller, elementary school teacher

“Mindfulness is definitely going mainstream. It belongs in the classroom, and parents will hope that their children encounter teachers like Schoeberlein—educators who are fully present and therefore teach better. And parents themselves will benefit greatly from this book which is a treasure trove of techniques. An apple for this teacher, for sure.”—Mandala

“Through her book, Schoeberlein gives suggestions and guidance in methods and techniques to encourage teachers to be more mindful of what is going on within before, during, and even after school. Next, tools and exercises are provided to the reader to be able to share mindfulness with students while being cognizant of administrative and parental concerns, test-driven curricular conflicts, and skepticism from all involved. Her approach is pointedly non-sectarian and not directly spiritual, a valuable aspect to the work, enabling teachers to utilize these techniques in their classroom regardless of their own spiritual beliefs or those of their students. The exercises in the book are quick to master, and those offered for students are numerous and open-ended enough to be offered to students regardless of grade level.”—Elephant Journal

“This wise and practical book is a joy to read. Written in a clear, accessible style, with no whiff of jargon or mystification, it will be an inspiration to many teachers and consequently transform the lives of many more of their students.”—Lord Howarth of Newport, Education Minister for England 1989-92