The Mind of Mahāmudrā - Table of Contents

Advice from the Kagyü Masters

The Mind of Mahamudra introduces the conception of mahamudra in India, its transmission to Tibet, and the varying practices within the Kagyü School of Tibetan Buddhism. This volume includes important texts by the Third Karmapa such as “Prayer for the Definitive Meaning” and other texts by Shonu Lha, Lama Shang, Drukchen Pema Karpo, and Tsele Natsok Rangdrol.



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ISBN 9781614291954

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General Editor’s Preface
Translator’s Introduction

1. The Unrivaled Instructions of Shang Rinpoché: The Preliminaries and Main Practice of the Great Meditation of Mahāmudrā
Shönu Lha
2. The Ultimate Supreme Path of the Mahāmudrā
Lama Shang
3. A Record of Mahāmudrā Instructions
Drukchen Pema Karpo
4. Instructions for the Mahāmudrā Innate Union
Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé
5. Prayer for the Definitive Meaning, the Mahāmudrā
Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé
6. The Bright Torch: The Perfect Illumination of the True Meaning of the Mahāmudrā, the Essence of All the Dharma
Tselé Natsok Rangdröl

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