The Mind and the Way - Praise

Buddhist Reflections on Life


240 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861710812

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ISBN 9781614290728

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“Sumedho, an American Thervadin monk trained in Thailand, presents Buddhism as a way rather than a religion. A graduate of the University of California-Berkeley, a Navy fighter pilot, and a Peace Corps volunteer, the author spent ten years as a contemplative forest monk before establishing the first forest monastery in England. Compiled from talks, his book deals with the nature of suffering and release from it by living a virtuous life awakening the mind to the impermanence of all things. Sumedho uses traditional insight meditation practices to open the heart and mind to the path of truth; he promotes a life of nonattachment, yet enriched with loving kindness, a simple life of nonexcess, profound goodness, cooperation rather than competition, and the mind that transcends but does not abandon the world. The keyword is balance. With its humorous observations upon his early days in Thailand, Sumedho’s work is acutely practical and easy to read. Highly recommended for public libraries.”—Library Journal

“This is a thorough and precise summation of the principles of Buddhism... Sumedho’s personal stories are so humble and brilliantly illuminating that they lift this book high above most Buddhist guides...”—NAPRA ReVIEW

The Mind and the Way is a wonderfully accessible and compassionate expression of the Buddha’s teachings...A good book for us all.”—Joseph Goldstein, author of The Experience of Insight and Insight Meditation

“Accessible and mind-expanding...”—Booklist

“A splendid introduction to Buddhism.”—New Age Retailer