Meditation on Perception - Table of Contents

Ten Healing Practices to Cultivate Mindfulness


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Getting Started with Meditation

Part 1: Perception

1. What is Perception?

Perception and the Aggregates
Meditation on Perception and the Aggregates
Why Impartial Perception is Important

2. Distorted Perception

Like a Mirage
Perceptual Knots

3. Purified Perception

Mindfulness Cleanses Perception
Purified Perception and the Path
The End of Perception

Part 2: Ten Healing Perceptions

4. Perception of Impermanence

5. Perception of Selflessness

6. Perception of Impurities

7. Perception of Danger

8. Perception of Abandoning

9. Perception of Dispassion

10. Perception of Cessation

11. Perception of Non-delight in the Whole World

12. Perception of Impermanence in Regard to All Mental Formations

13. Mindfulness of Breathing

Pure Perception of the Pure Breath
Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Part 3: Meditation on Perception

14. Meditation: Impermanence and Six Sensory Objects

15. Meditation: The Mind is Also Changing

16. Meditation: The Keys to Our Deliverance

17. Meditation: Dependent Origination

18. Meditation: Seeing Impermanence with Insight Awareness

19. Freedom

APPENDIX: Girimānanda Sutta (AN 10:60)