Meditation on Emptiness - Praise



1,024 pages, 5.25 x 8.5 inches


ISBN 9780861711109

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ISBN 9780861717057

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“One of the great classics... Few subsequent works can be said to equal it in profundity and accessibility.”—Jose Ignacio Cabezón, University of California, Santa Barbara

“It brought for the first time a sophisticated account of Tibetan interpretrations of Madhyamaka, which was an enormous resource for those interested in Buddhist philosophy.”—Georges Dreyfus

“An important and invaluble work.”—Tibet Journal

“Hopkins succeeds in bringing this remarkable and complex philosophy to life.”—MLBD Newsletter

“An essential book for anyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism or Madhyamika philosophy...and an inexhaustible resource for the study of the Dharma and a major contribution to Buddhist studies.”—Buddhist Studies Review

“This is an extremely practical book. Mr. Hopkins’ mind is so infused with Buddhist teachings that he readily translates arcane concepts into practical solutions for the myriad problems of daily existence.”—The Beacon

“A rich, comprehensive treatment of emptiness in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition by the remarkable Western scholar and frequent English translator for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is still the standard text on the subject, twenty-five years after its initial publication.”—Rev. Danny Fisher