Luminous Lives - Table of Contents

The Story of the Early Masters of the Lam ’bras Tradition in Tibet


352 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713073

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Part One: The Early History of the Lam ’bras  


Chapter One: The Literary Tradition 

Sa chen’s Eleven Commentaries on the Rdo rje tshig rkang        

Different Opinions about Sa chen’s            Eleven Commentaries         

Commentaries on the Rdo rje tshig rkang by Sa chen’s Disciples           

The Works of Phag mo gru pa        

The Pod ser  

The Writings of Sa skya Paṇḍita and His Disciples          

The Pod nag  

The Pusti dmar chung          

The Glegs bam phra mo       

Unveiling the Slob bshad    

Chapter Two: The Early Masters in Tibet    

1. The Mystery of Lord Gayadhara

2. The Tibetan Masters       

Chapter Three: Dmar ston and the Zhib mo rdo rje 

1. The Author           

2. The Work  


Part Two: Translation

The Tibetan Story of the Excellent Masters      


One: The Life of ’Brog mi Lo tsā ba  

Travels in Nepal and India 

Return to Tibet         

Lord Gayadhara’s First Trip to Tibet         

Lord Gayadhara’s Return to Tibet with ’Gos Lo tsā ba    

Lord Gayadhara’s Third Trip to Tibet, and His Death     

’Brog mi Lo tsā ba’s Special Qualities, and His Death       

Two: The Disciples of ’Brog mi Lo tsā ba

The Three Male Disciples Who Reached Attainment       

The Four Female Disciples Who Reached Attainment     

1. Rtod mo Rdo rje mtsho’   

2. Dbrad sgom Dkon ne       

3. Shab pa mo Lcam gcig     

4. ’Phyad mo Nam mkha’    

The Disciples Who Fully Received the Scriptures

1. ’Khon Dkon mchog rgyal po       

2. Gsal ba’i snying po           

The Disciples Who Fully Received the Oral Instructions 

1. Lha btsun Ka li     

2. ’Brom De pa ston chung  

3. Se ston Kun rig     

Three: The Disciples of Se ston Kun rig        

1. The Zhang ston Brothers

2. Lady Zha ma and Her Brother    

3. Ze sgom Byang seng        

Four: The Life of Sa chen Kun dga’ snying po           

Early Studies

Meeting Se ston Kun rig      

Zhang ston Chos ’bar and the Lam ’bras  

Sa chen’s Three Disciples Who Reached

Attainment Without Discarding the Body 

1. The Ceylonese Mendicant           

2. Sgom pa Kyi ’bar  

3. Byang chub sems dpa’ Stag        

The Seven Who Reached the Stage of Forbearance        

Sa chen’s Bestowal of the Lam ’bras          

Sa chen’s Special Qualities, and His Death

Rje btsun Grags pa rgyal mtshan   

Five: The Life of Sa skya Paṇḍita      

Early Studies

Meeting Mahāpaṇḍita Śākyaśrī      

Taking Ordination    

Sa skya Paṇḍita’s Special Qualities



Notes to Part One     
Notes to Part Two